Car's Color and Autotheft

06/14/2014 07:38:28
Car's Color and Autotheft
What is the color of your car? Have you given much thought to how much it matters? And it really does! In fact, it can influence the chances of your car being stolen or not, and even can give a bit of background about you to observant people! The col

Every day, hundreds of cars continue to be stolen throughout the country: in the dark alleys at midnight or in the bright daylight at busy street corners – whooosh! And they are gone in seconds! Does it make you worried about your precious auto? Check out the statistics on the cars that are being stolen most often and discover how strongly the association between theft risk and exterior color are related! When you are buying a car, you should pay more attention to its color: keep in mind that making the right choice can cut its chances of being stolen almost by half!


It so happens that the more popular your car color the greater the chances of being stolen. National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that according to the info from LoJack tracking device, (it is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System – system that allows vehicles to be tracked by police in case of theft) the black, blue, silver, and gray colors remain at the top of the stolen vehicles' list lately. Car owners may want to be extra careful if your car is black, as this is the color that seems to be the most favorite with the hijackers.


It looks like the leading stolen spots belong to the cars in most common and popular colors. Why? The answer is simple: it's much easier to resell the car in the most highly demanded colors than in unusual ones. Besides, obviously bright colors attract attention – including that of the police. Well, we can at least put the owners of flamboyant and unique colored vehicles at ease – they can relax and breathe out a sigh of relief as it seems they're not the one in the risque zone now!


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